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Pam Clarke Consulting

Helping Independent Schools ACcomplish their Missions.

Executive Coaching for Heads

Training for Boards of Trustees

Enrollment Management for schools


Put My Experience to Work for You

Hi! I’m Pam Clarke – executive coach to Heads and trainer of Boards of Independent Schools.


My core philosophy is this:

Independent Schools can be only as strong as the Boards who govern them.

I’ve been a Head for 30+ years, raising millions of dollars, building new facilities, growing enrollment, and solving thorny issues. I’ve sat on some school, college, and non-profit Boards myself, including 10 years as Board Chair at HMI (You can read my resume here).

Spending so much time with various leaders has given me a unique education in problem-solving for independent schools.


Learn more about my perspective here: 

  1. Independent Schools can only be as strong as their Board of Trustees

  2. Education 101

  3. The Power of Education


Executive Coaching for Heads

The journey of the head is a lonely one. I'll help you behind the scenes, so you can run your school with confidence. 

Training for Boards of Trustees

The angels who volunteer for your board contribute time and wisdom. I'll help your team operate successfully!

Enrollment Management

Outside perspectives are key to developing long-term enrollment strategies. Using data and experience, I'll help your school stay competitive.


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