Leadership Monitoring


In the past twenty-nine years, Pam Clarke has been the elected Head of four schools and the Interim Head of one. As the responsibilities of Boards have changed, so, too has the job of Head changed. In our litigious society, the head spends time with lawyers, PR firms, and local governments. The speed of the internet often complicates communication as much as it enhances our efforts to keep our constituencies informed. Heads report to their Boards but are responsible for the morale of the faculty, the excellence of the academic program, the management of the budget, and the safety and well-being of the children.


A newer Head is surely challenged by the many demands of the post. Even experienced Heads relish sound advice from someone with a bit of distance from the many demands of the day to day life in the Head's office.

Further, other administrators or even the full team can benefit from a thorough review and analysis of the school's leadership effectiveness. 


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