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  • Pam Clarke

Congratulations 2020

How ironic that many of our senior classes chose VISION as the moniker or theme for their final year of high school. Little did they know that in hindsight, the school year 2020 would measure anything but a perfect 20-20.

This class has had a challenging trip through school; they were conceived in the shadow of 9/11; they were in 6th grade when elementary school kids were massacred at Sandy Hook, and since then, they have regularly practiced active shooter drills – and seen over 2000 school shootings on TV. They do understand that our shared excesses threaten our planet – ‘global warming’ sounds benign and even comfy; 2020 seniors know it is likely to end in more massive change to our environment. And now a rogue virus has taken their proms, parties, and graduations. Coronavirus threatens their entrance into college.

We adults think that all children are resilient – we have to believe that because we see so many threats to their well-being. We must ask ourselves how much young people can absorb before they crack or break apart. It’s time we gave our students a break; teachers can turn their attention to their younger charges with the thought in mind that our school kids have already been overwhelmed by national and global events – whatever it takes, a school must become a haven for our young people. We need to fill our schools with joy and laughter. With apologies and congratulations,

Best of Luck to all the classes of 2020!

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