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  • Pam Clarke

Corona Virus Prep

  • Schools Getting Ready

I've been chatting with several Heads of School in New York City; they are anticipating this virus. Some have closed for a day or two to clean thoroughly; many have appointed one person on the staff to monitor the situation; all are making plans for school closings. The CDC and WHO are good sources of information - in addition to the NY state guidelines and reports from the Governor's office.

Handwashing is being re-taught in the younger grades; use warm water, wash with soap for as long as it takes to sing the alphabet, dry hands with clean paper or the blow dryer. Students are reminded to cough into their elbows; not to touch their faces, and to report any feeling of illness.

Older students are asked to be sure they have online contact with the school in order to get assignments and to meet with teachers virtually if the school were to be closed. A few schools are asking their faculty not to make plans for early June in the event that the school year would be extended after a prolonged closing.

If "the readiness is all," they are ready. And we all know that being prepared for something that does not happen is better than not being prepared for something that does happen. Kudos to the many independent schools in New York City!

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